Ecoprowine - Self-Assessment Tool

Self-Assessment Tool

The ECOPROWINE Self-Assessment Tool comprises a powerful web software element that aims to allow wineries from all over Europe to perform a detailed assessment of their wine-making processes and evaluate their environmental and sustainability performance, on the basis of an established LCA-LCC methodology and against a defined set of indicators and metrics.


The tool function comprises of two main stages:

  • The Quick Assessment stage and functionality which allows wineries and wine-makers to perform an initial assessment of their performance against a set of high-level indicators, towards providing an abstract picture of the environmental and sustainability impacts caused due to the adopted wine-making processes, while motivating them to move on to the Detailed Analysis stage.
  • The Detailed Assessment stage and functionality, which allows wine-makers to obtain a more detailed view of their wineries’ performance, drill in to specific performance details, towards identifying weaknesses and processes/methods that downgrade their performance results, while offering them the opportunity to apply for and certify their wineries with the ECOPROWINE Sustainability Label, in case their overall performance stands among the already defined and acceptable boundaries.

Moreover, additional services such as education, training, consultancy, audit and certification are complementing the operation and functionality of the tool and altogether comprise a complete service pack which will be offered, wither as a full pack, or in a custom manner to interested wineries around the EU, in order to support them towards improving their sustainability performance and obtaining/retaining the ECOPROWINE label.


The wineries interested in the detailed self-assessment of their processes will have to pay a reasonable fee to gain access tothis functionality of the tool. The overall operation of the ECOPROWINE self-assessment tool will end up to the awarding of the “ECOPROWINE Sustainability Label”, in case of course some defined conditions are satisfied, while providing useful high-level hints and guidance, to both awarded and not wineries, so as to support them in further improving their sustainability performance.Additional services can be provided only upon request of the wineries that wish so.